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1. Method

Commodities classification carried out by RCED is in accordance with the 1996 version of International Convention Standard on Harmonized Commodity and Coding System.

2. What is the responsibility of importer and exporter in classification?

Importer /exporter or their representatives are responsible to determine the classification of their imported or exported commodities.

3. Where does importer/exporter can obtain classification service?

i) The importer/exporter or their representatives can apply for classification services from Customs Classification Unit, RCED Headquarters, Jalan Menteri Besar.

ii) Phamplets, brochures, sample of commodities, etc should also (if necessary) be submitted.

iii) Classification process will take 3 working days to complete.

4. Pre Entry Classification

This is a method of commodities classification prior to importation.

5. Aim of Pre-Entry Classification

This is to assist and facilitate traders in the determination of correct classification of commodities especially with regards to taxation.

6. Validity of method
This method is valid and adopted for declaration at the Customs counters.

Classification by this method is not valid if the imported commodities are not concordant with the submitted samples.

7. Application for the service

Application forms can be obtained and submitted to the Customs Classification Unit, RCED Headquarters, Jalan Menteri Besar.

The completed forms should be submitted together with phamplets, brochures, commodities samples (if necessary) etc.

8. Charges

Application for pre-entry classification service is free of charge.

9. Application process

Application will be processed in 7 working days.

Incomplete application will be referred back to the applicant with request for any other information, etc