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The Royal Customs and Excise Department previously known as Customs and Bea Department is one of the oldest government departments. It was established in April 1906.

It was set up in 1906 as The Royal Customs and Excise Department (RCED). RCED has been under the Ministry of ​Finance since 1984.The establishment of the Customs Department was a result of the introduction of Customs Regulation on imports and exports for the purpose of administrative cost under the control of British Resident.

The role and responsibility of the Customs Department are not only focussed on collection of the imports and exports duties and control of the smuggling activities but also on financial matters (treasury), following it's unification with the Treasury Department in 1915.

After Brunei Darussalam has achieved its independence in 1984, with RCED's commitment with the international Customs Organizations such as in ASEAN, APEC, ASEM, WCO and BIMP-EAGA, RCED has undergone various changes and reformation in line with current development.

In early April 1998, the Headquarter of Royal Customs and Excise Department has moved to a new building, with the address as follows:-

Organisation Chart

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