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In late August 2006 the Brunei Royal Customs and Excise Department [RECD] called a tender for development and implementation of an e-Customs System. The project to support RECD’s strategic objectives and move towards the implementations of Brunei Darussalam national single windows [BDNSW].

The e-customs system was to provide an integrated electronic trade documentation system that will allow the trading community in Brunei Darussalam to submit applications electronically to RECD for processing. The system also allows RCED officers to process application received electronically or perform their day-to-day operations.

In essence the e-customs systems were to facilitate the trading activities involved in import and export of goods across borders and to facilitate the collections of revenues by RCED.

Other government agencies [OGAs] that requires e-Customs Information for their internal processing can access the e-Customs Systems provided they are connected to the e-Government Intranet or have some form of Internet access from their offices.




RCED benefited through the following manner:

  1. Central and common storage of data has enable ease of information extraction, sharing and facilitate timely compilation of operation statistics and management reports.
  2. Ease of Retrieval – Information is kept in electronic form, which can be retrieved easily for reference purpose, compared to time-consuming method in retrieving of old hardcopy documents.
  3. Facilitate Trade – the system has provided convenience for traders by enabling them to submit document to RCED via the internet. Traders save costs by not having to travel to Customs offices.
  4. Facilitate Customs Operations by:


  • Having a fully integrated system that allows different RCED sites to work together independently.
  • Enabling risk management and central monitoring of risks and targeting cargoes/passengers. Once targeted, all checkpoints can be automatically alerted.
  • Faster turnaround time for declaration processing, payment collection & accounting and cargo clearance, which resulted in costs saving for RCED and traders.




  • An Integrated electronic trade documentation system


  • Ability to accept the submissions of applications electronically
  • Allow RCED officers to process applications received electronically and perform day-to-day operations
  • Auto calculations of Customs Duties
  • Automated billing and tracking of Customs payment
  • Developed in a web-based environment accessible through any web-enabled devices from any place, anywhere at any time


  • Able to integrate with any web applications installed within and outside the department
  • Able to interface[using interoperability standards] with trading community


  • Other government agencies system
  • Trader external third party system etc.
  • Foundation for development of Brunei Darussalam National Single Window


  • Certain functions able to generate e-mails, alerts and reminders to the client/users




Downloaded guides for the processing via e-Customs system.

Please click
here to download the submission of customs declaration and here for the manifest using Extensible Markup Language (XML).